Share your best tip on improving efficiency in a dev team.

dsteenman profile image Danny Steenman Updated on ・1 min read

Let's keep it simple and straightforward, share 1 tip that can help others in your dev team become more efficient!

I'll start with a classic trick to get cleaner code: The Boy Scout Rule. Leave your code better than you found it. Boy Scouts have a rule regarding camping, that they should leave the campground cleaner than they found it. The same applies for maintaining your codebase in the longterm.

Let me hear your best tip!


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Use a linter so you don’t constantly argue about code style.


Would be good to enforce it through a pre-commit hook.


Communicate back to to the customer in short quick fashions. Whether it's a full agile standup, standown, retro, showcase or just an email.

I often setup a daily email on hot projects. It often sparks discussion and helps set priority. I'll make a quick header image in canva, then add a couple of recurring sections. It's meant to be short, scannable, quick to make, quick to read.


Give developers autonomy and make decision-making easy. The more people have to talk about how to do something, the less they will get done.


Great idea! do you have a practical example which we can follow?