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Where should you (re)publish your dev blog posts?

dsteenman profile image Danny Steenman ・1 min read

I'm wondering what would be the best approach to republish my dev blog posts. The (dev)blog community landscape seems to be growing quickly and is becoming more fragmented.

Currently I'm reposting my blogposts on:

  • Medium
  • Dev.to

Advantage of posting on both platforms is that you can add a canonical url which points to your original post.

Please share your republishing strategy...


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You could try to publish them on Hacker News and Reddit.
There is also Hackernoon but the publish process can be longer since an editorial team will check your content. You can also try on freeCodeCamp News, you'll get a lot of exposure but they don't accept canonical URLs 🙂


I briefly checked out hackernoon, but formatting my posts to fit their style took a lot of time, so I neglected it for now. Good tip regarding reddit and hackernews!


Leave it there. If you MUST take another platform, then Wordpress and Blogger are the last two. I never recommend publishing to several billion platforms. I mean for a podcast, it can be a little different as there are seven billion other places. With self-published articles, there are many others but only 4 that can be recomended almost at all.


I guess you mean your own website hosted on netlify? ;)


Yes true. Hosted on netify using gatsby. Cuz it gives me to customize


Hashnode is also a place you can republish I think.


Oh sweet! I see it:
Can I republish my content on Hashode?
Yes! We support Markdown format and have an import tool for those who want to republish their articles from Medium. Keep in mind to add the original URL and we'll forward all the SEO traffic to it.