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Why You Shouldn't Learn to Code Alone

With web development being one of the fastest-growing professions, many people are taking steps toward learning the skills needed to succeed in this field and earn the title of Web Developer. However, this process is much easier if you involve others in your journey.

Learning in Groups

It is well known that students learn better in groups. When teachers teach in the classroom, they do small group activities, and then the small group shares their work with the class. This gives them a sense of pride in their work, and the stronger classmates give the weaker classmates in their group a boost. This is a great learning strategy for just about anything including learning to be a Web Developer. Here are some reasons why learning in groups is essential:

  • Higher-level learning when it comes to reasoning and thinking
  • Deeper understanding of learned material
  • Greater motivation to learn and achieve
  • Ability to view problems from other's perspective
  • Group processing nearly always produces a better outcome because students always bring something unique and different to the table.


Being a Web Developer is not just coding. It involves giving people what they want or need with your coding skills. To know what they want or need, communication is key.


Communication is important because a successful developer must:

  • Make web content that is user-friendly and appealing
  • Give the user what they need in terms of services
  • Assist clients with performing their job or marketing and selling their products. The only way to do that is to communicate and collaborate. That all starts with growing your skills in that area while learning web development.


To work in web development, you have to work in the same code base as others. That means you have to know what conventions are important to your team, you have to get the workflow down so you know when to push or pull, and you have to learn to draw from your team's experience because they will all bring something unique to the table.


If you ask any recruiter or Senior Web Developer, they will tell you the best way to get hired is to network and to build relationships with people. More often than not, jobs and opportunities come about because of an introduction. The hidden job market is a very real thing! The more quality people you meet who are interested in helping you, the better. What better way to start that process than to involve others in your learning and to share what you are doing publicly.

Business Insight

Learning in teams teaches new Web Developers to be flexible. A good example is that your idea or your pull request will not always be approved. Hours of work may be "wasted". A Web Developer must learn to be flexible and adjust to the changing requirements of the business world. There are deadlines, goal changes, and misunderstandings. Working together in a team will help new Web Developers figure out how to keep a project on course, meet their business objectives, and get a taste of what they can expect in the workplace.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and it encourages you to reach out to others while learning to be a Web Developer. Even if you do not join a formal program to learn, please reach out to others for help and make friends! Don't forget to like and share this article. You can follow me on Twitter @david_tetreau.


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