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Discussion on: My go-to React libraries for 2021

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You are correct, One wasn’t intended to replace the other per say, it has more to do with the type of app it is. It’s a teacher student math tool with focus on live interactions between them. So we’re making frequent api calls, as well as web sockets coming in for every problem answered. This causes an already taxing state management system to get triggered unnecessarily. And with SWR fetching the most recent data whether it be from ws or http it’s just not necessary to be storing all that in state. Miss MOBX tho, used the console getStore all the time. Now I’m stuck either drilling through REACTdevtools component section or simply console logging. Learning exactly how and when to use, useRef, useState, useMemo, useEffect, or context has been beneficial, personal skill wise.

I haven’t used Vue. Some redux and been curious about Sustand, but for now it’s classic State management for me.


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Lewis kori

Got you 😂

that sounds like a lot of work my friend. All the best lol.