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Discussion on: How to Speak like a Web Developer

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⚫️ nothingness negates itself

excuse me, misunderstood, neglected, abandoned and redefined and renamed to the point of making the original author belittle an entire industry for illiteracy LMAO

now apparently people think graphql is some alternative rofl Jesus Christ

ok let's talk about respect. how many gentrified neighborhoods are there in your city? how many black lives are you respecting in real terms since black men and boys are experiencing genocidal levels of death and dying. let's shift gears and not whim about oh no, someone informed me i dont know the definition of the thing people have worked their lives on and somehow i got this degraded concept and somehow no one even connects hypermedia and the web anymore. somebody needs to offend your complacency. because everywhere else in life i have to suffer the ridiculousness of this racist white supremacy and patriarchy while you get to dismiss me as an "ideologue" since i'm not some milquetoast noob? wtf do you want from me. either build REST or fix a real problem, but tone? i do not care what some random internet person thinks "good tone" means given the wealth of other problems in the world and given WHAT has been said and what i am actually talking about.

i'll leave being gentle and kind to amundsen and others. i'm pissed, black and getting fucked by you people who love to tone police and hear the sound of your own voices relative to the lack of actual information you actually contribute to the mode of discourse