12 amazing CSS tips and tricks you should know

Duomly on October 30, 2019

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A tip for those who want to use the VH/VW trick, use a css reset library, or remove the padding and margin of the html and body tags, as some navigators will add their own by default.

Anyway, lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Nice! I definitely learned some new stuff :)

Regarding #5 -- if you wanna truncate text with an ellipsis from the right (instead of left), I wrote a silly article about that! (tl;dr, use direction: rtl;)



I learned a few things, like the image filter which is pretty cool, dunno how I never heard of that.
The second Blend modes example seems broken though, I'm using Chrome 77.


Thanks for pointing, we use chrome as well and seems pretty good, but we will investigate it then :)


It's fine now, not quite sure what happened. Nevermind then :)


You're welcome, its pleasure to give content which people like :)


The text blend mode showcase is on fire. I will definitively use it on my web app home page!


That rotate one. I tried doing something similar but ... not with turn. I'll have to remember that if I ever revisit that project.

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