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You're on a team that builds race cars. One part of the team builds the cars, the other drives them. However, having people that only know how to drive and people that only know how to build cars is a little inconvenient. Instead, some of the people that build the cars may be able to drive them, and some of the people that drive them may be able to diagnose or even fix an engine if it's making some weird noise.

DevOps is more a culture of shared responsibility between devs and operations. Less chucking code over a wall, more handing it over a small fence. That said, many places have their own definitions of DevOps, as well as their own implementations. DevOps may give devs a pipeline to automatically build and deploy their projects, and be a bit more hands-off. DevOps may also be in charge of the infrastructure the projects are built and deployed on. Or it may be that devs and ops are one in the same, and the same people that build projects are the same that deploy and monitor those projects.

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