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Day 454 : And So

liner notes:

  • Professional : My day started really early for a feedback session with a coding bootcamp in Japan that we teamed up with to see what they could build with our APIs. Got really good feedback and some ideas on how to improve even more. Then right after that was their demo day to present what they built. I was really impressed. The built a really good application. After that, I worked on completing the Web Components I've been adding the ability to style it how a user wants or stick with the default. There's 5 in total so it took a little time, especially when I had other projects due sooner. I had to rework the code to allow for custom styling, luckily I learned about CSS part. Then come up with a default style that would look good. Then create some graphics for each Web Component to hopefully detail the different parts that can be styled. Then update the readme documentation of each component to help explain the changes. Then push a PR so it could be reviewed. Then published the changes to NPM so that demos I created could be updated automatically. And so... I got everything done today. Feels good to finally get it out there. Good thing because I got some info for some things I need to work on Monday. haha.

  • Personal : Last night, basically worked on finishing up my Web Component project for work. I did get to watch an episode of "Boruto" while eating dinner.

A field of green grass with little white flowers and a forest in the distance at sunset in Skagit Valley, WA, United States

It's starting to rain. Going to go inside and get some dinner and watch "Boruto". I want to finish up going through tracks for the radio show tomorrow. Maybe even get that image uploading with Cloudinary working on my side project. We'll see.

Have a great night and weekend!

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