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re: Both Hizbollah and Hamas are Iranian proxies. That's nothing new. I never said that Iranians deserve to be punished. In my very first sentence in...
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They are specifically and emphatically not separate issues. The aim of sanctions is to pressure the government to change course. That will not happen if their people are copacetic.

This sounds a lot like you think excluding Iranian developers from a platform might cause regime change. Don't tell on yourself and then pretend like you didn't 😉

Saying I'm not racist in your opening remarks, and then being racist is literally the definition of the dog-whistling that I'm calling you out on.

At no point have I insulted you, so that miss me with that ad-hom rhetoric.

And mate, again, literally nobody asked if you think that excluding Iranians from github was good or cool or necessary - you decided to go out of your way and start this. It would cost you nothing to have not done this.

Pointing out the genocidal intentions of the Ayatollahs and their puppets is not islamophobia. If it is, then Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, and everyone else resisting the dictators is an islamophobe.

Finally, and say it with me this time:

like can you imagine if your career was hindered because the last residential school was closed in like 1997? Seriously, your points are old and tired and yes, racist. Just don't do it here, Benny.

There has to be room in this discussion to disagree without leveling personal attacks.

For the second time, I ask you to please refrain.

It is not prudent to debate or argue racism - you’re implying that dehumanizing a group should be up for discussion, and you’re being told in the clearest possible terms that your take is unacceptable.

You want to do that clapping thing again, or are you cool with leaving it be?

P.S. I have not ‘levelled personal attacks’ upon anyone in this thread 😘

I'm not going to get into the modern politics, but I did want to address some of the claims regarding the internet's inception.

While the US did make the specific technological advance that we now call "the internet," democracy did not play much if a part in it.

The internet was born out of a US department of defense project called ARPANET in the 70s and 80s. In other words, the foundational technology of the internet was a military project from the Cold War era. It just so happened that educational institutions found it useful and it grew from there, due to its decentralized nature.

But the history of the internet goes back much, much farther than that, because it's the culmination of millennia of technological and mathematic advancements.

In fact, were it not for the autocratic theocracies of the Middle East during Islamic Golden Age of the 8th through 14th centuries, we wouldn't have the foundational mathematics of algebra and calculus needed to create computers and the internet.

In short: technology transcends governments.

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