Going beyond with Postman

Julio Lozovei on October 19, 2018

Postman is an incredible service for endpoints testing. And it has some amazing features that only few people know. Let's unleash the power with ... [Read Full]
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Also if you want to include API tests using the Chai-JS javascript syntax and write custom test cases, there are npm plugins available and you can write both low and high level tests in the Test area that is available.


My two tricks for Postman:

When using Chai tests, you can also set environment variables.

So I can expect that getting a token is a 200, but I can also parse the JSON response for that token and set the token type and token itself in my variables to use in subsequent calls. Documentation

Postman can generate documentation and it can import documentation.

I'm all about automating the boring stuff, and manually setting up collections for an existing API sounds terribly boring. Find the Swagger documentation and import that! Documentation


In addiction, you can generate code snippets of your request!

(Emphasis is mine.) Sounds like a science brochure on the dangers of alcohol :) What if I just tried my first free postman on the party?

Great writing btw, thank you!

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