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In a world of remote working, it is essential that every developer have a well put together toolkit that is ready to go whenever there is work to be done. Arguably one of the most important things is a good laptop. One that is portable but powerful enough for your needs. I generally use a Mac for my needs. Second, you’re going to need a good sturdy backpack to carry it around. I would also argue it’s a good idea to have a good rain cover for your backpack to protect your belongings.

After that, here is a list of things I generally like to have with me to be able to successfully work from anywhere.

• Hotspot- in case there’s no internet

• Granola bars- because I am always getting hungry

• Charger- never be without one!

• Backup power pack- in case you forgot your charger or there’s no electrical outlet

• Note pad- there’s nothing wrong with handwritten notes sometimes

• Pen- for said notepad

• Water bottle- keep hydrated!

• Headphones- for your listening pleasure or to cancel noise

I usually have all these things already in my work backpack so if/when I need to go, I am ready. What else would you add or what do you all have in your pack?

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I'm currently training for cybersecurity and information assurance. I work as a systems admin right now, but have a strong interest in devops as well.


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I always try to carry around DEV stickers 😋

But, phone charger chord/adapter/whatever you need is what I would add to that list!


Great list!

I'd add a wireless mouse (and maybe keyboard if your backpack isn't too full yet).

I can't work comfortably using the trackpad for too long.