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Leaving your best friend home alone all day while you go to work can be ruff. A growing number of companies are adding the benefit of being able to bring your pet into the workplace with you. It generally keeps their employees happy and with proper guidance can be a benefit to everyone in the office.

A large segment of the population owns a pet. Almost 40% of US households own a dog and 30% own at least one cat, with most averaging 2. (https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Statistics/Pages/Market-research-statistics-US-pet-ownership.aspx)

In a typical brick and mortar office, pets have been shown to have a lot of pawsitives. They reduce stress, help employees eliminate pet care costs (think hiring dog walkers), helps the company image, and can keep employees focused.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, there can definitely be op-purr-tunity to cat-atrosphes in the office. It can be a distraction for one. Having animals in the office can cause issues for employees with allergies or phobias and it can be a liability if damage is caused to the office.

With a remote company there’s no question that your home office is going to be pet friendly if you are. The employee and company get all the pros without the cons (except maybe being distracted by your impawsibly adorable best fur-end).

So how can employees bring the benefits of a pet friendly work place to a remote company?

Well, people who own pets will immediately benefit since they will get to interact with their pet in person. But don’t stop there! Don’t be afraid to include your furry best friends in correspondence with colleagues. Keep it clean and purr-fessional but if something is particularly stressful or the situation could use some levity, throw in a picture of your best friend and let your coworkers know your animal would love some virtual pets. Studies have actually shown that just looking at pictures of animals can improve concentration and work performance. So, you are doing your company a favor by sharing your furry coworkers.

And remember, owning a dog in particular when you work from home can help keep you active!

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Trust me, all pets are welcome! Just had to limit the scope for the article 🙂


One of my favorite parts of working remote is getting to see everyone else's pets and kids! 😄