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Global Relay Inc. is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer / DevOps Engineer for the Archive team in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

About the company:

Global Relay provides a software-as-a-serive product to financial institutions around the globe to ensure they meet regulatory compliance with data retention and auditing. We're based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but have a global presence with offices around the globe.

About the role:

The role would see you working on the production system of our core product, administering thousands of bare-metal servers in our privately owned & operated data centre, working with complex technologies like Apache Cassandra, Apache Zookeeper, Puppet, Python Fabric, and more. Your responsibilities would include monitoring production & near-production systems, responding to alerts, performing application and some OS-level maintenance tasks, performing production deployments, designing and creating tools to gather & analyze data (out of petabytes of total data).

We require that applicants show strong problem solving skills, high responsibility to take action, good communication skills, and a passion for operation and development.

Onsite applicants are preferred, but we are open to remote position if the candidate is right.

We'd like applicants to have skills with the following:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Linux Administration and Monitoring
  • LXC / Docker
  • ZFS (ZFS on Linux)

Applicants should have an understanding of Linux system administration and troubleshooting, computer network troubleshooting, and an understanding of computer hardware.

How to apply:

Contact me directly for more information on this role:, or you can DM me on Twitter if you want @ecnepsnai

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