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Some of these explanations are oversimplified. HMU if you want to discuss in more detail.

Estimating dev work is hard
A PM might think that a new feature will take two weeks to complete. In reality, devs don't really know that answer up front. Often times, we need to actually start building the new feature in order to determine its complexity, whether or not it impacts other things, and how long it would actually take to complete.

Deadlines are important, but devs generally get frustrated if the PM doesn't understand the above workflow and its nuance.

Software development is part art
Some days, devs could be in a flow state and get a lot of things done. Other days, we're just not there mentally and need to unwind. PMs could get frustrated about this reality if their tendency is to micromanage.

Gaps in technical knowledge
Sometimes, the technical gap between dev and PM could be too wide to the point that devs get frustrated trying to constantly dumb down explanations so the PM could understand.

We are very opinionated
Sometimes, our egos get in the way. If a PM suggests something that would be an improvement in user experience, even if it's backed with data, we'll still have our own opinions about it.


Appreciate the response! I feel the estimating dev work problem acutely since our partners (Marketing) are always asking for timelines. :) Thanks Eddie.

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