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IMO, Audio Technica by far has the best over the ear headphones on the market when it comes to cost-to-value ratio. I use the ATH-M30x for general purpose use and the ATH-M50x for recording and mastering audio.

Just curious what type of training are you referring to?


I got a pair of ATH-M40X, they've have really been great. The sound performance I get, considering the price, is great.


Do you use any external audio interface to get the most out of them?
As for my research Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 has a great value-cost ratio.

Currently, no, but I have been looking at getting something. I'll have a look at that Focusrite.


Being producer myself, ATH-M50x has always been my dream <3
Tho, I've heard a lot of good stuff about ATH-M40x, too.

Are you a producer composing your own music too, or specifically just audio engineer (mastering services), working with already composed material?

I meant running and biking, all the physical activities in OP :)


Nice. What do you produce? I compose orchestral music and also master. Shameless plug - youtube.com/watch?v=NAgJ81BQFKI. Had more time to compose a few years ago. now I'm just busy programming.

Same for me actually, focus on producing has faded, since coding has become a priority... I usually did electronic music back then :)

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