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Excellent article Rose and thank you for bringing this up! I think that software engineering as a profession does afford us a lot of flexibility that no other industry can provide, as long as you have a great employer, which it sounds like you do.

The concept of both parents working full-time is a fairly new one in the grand scheme of things and we're now just understanding the impact. Rushing our kids out the door in the morning and then coming home to them when we're all tired, hungry, cranky, and stressed is a recipe for disaster. Seeing our kids only during the two most stressful parts of the day is one big reason why our society seems to be devolving.

My wife and I have two children. Once we had two, it was an entirely different ballgame (and I hear three is the most challenging). She decided to stay home to care for our children and has recently gone back to work part-time this year. I'm running my second startup and with my wife back to work, it is WAY WAY harder this time around. Before we had kids, launching my first startup seemed like a breeze. I'd stay up all night, eat Doritos, go out to network, and everything was alright.

Good luck to you! Know that you're not alone. The mommy and child bond is very special and unique. They're so much more demanding and needy with mommy and is very obviously different between bonds with the daddy. So, I get your dilemma - one that dads can't truly understand!

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