How do you find out about upcoming developer conferences?

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I recently rejoined Twitter and am following a few developers who are posting pictures and tweets at developer conferences. Is there a list of upcoming events that I can reference? I'd love to attend one of these events one day.

These are the two that I found out about via Twitter, but now obviously too late for me to sign up, travel:

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The short answer is there is no single source for conferences. is a great place to see some conferences and meetups that accept talk proposals.

But a really great way is to follow folks on Twitter, see what conferences they are attending, and then make a plan to go to those the next time they are held.


Thanks for the suggestion Amara!

Btw, A+ for Wowza. I was a long-time user/customer for 8+ years!


🤗 Awesome! We've got some good stuff in the works for our developer community.


Thanks Jess! I didn't even think to look in the listings. Much appreciated!


I go to this website to see all the global conferences happening for the rest of the year. Super easy url to remember too
Another one:
For this and the previous year I also found lists of conferences on Medium, but it's usually more specific to certain niches (design, react, javascript, etc)


I went to Connect.Tech and saw Kent Dodds and Cory House speak. I heard about it from one of the dev meetups I attend. Your developer community meetups should be a good source of upcoming events and following leaders on Twitter is another way.


I've gotten in the habit of signing up the mailing lists of conferences that I am interested when I find out about them. And, follow on Twitter, linkedin, etc. It may not help for this year, but they will most likely be on my radar for next year.

In the past, I've had a blog post of the conferences I was keeping my eye on for this year.

This is more for CFPs, but is a good site to follow, even if you are not interested in speaking.


Thanks for the recommendations all. As a result, I will be attending LibertyJS next week in Philly!

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