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How to install atom or vs code on a Chromebook

Short Read about why I'm making this tutorial

Hello, my name is Eduard I've coded as a hobby for a long time now and have used many code editors during the way. I've used different operating systems from Linux to Mac to Windows, but due to me being on a trip (don't worry its a road trip I'm following COVID guidelines) I have to use a Chromebook. I have been pleasantly surprised that Chromebooks now natively support Linux and you can install awesome apps. I've decided to teach others how to install these apps.


Chromebook with Linux(Beta) Installed

Installation for visual studio code/Atom:

1. Go to or

2. Download the .deb file

3. Right click the file in the file manager and click Install with linux (beta)

4.The app is installed as a normal chromebook app so enjoy

Final Thoughts

Oh my God that was so simple.

Discussion (5)

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Evan B

Thank you! do you notice any different performance... or does it run fine?

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Eduard Faus Author

It worked a little slow on my chrome book because it isn’t very good but it was still usable I can tell you that snap apps do run slow so stick with deb files.

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Anderson Ismael Couto da Silva

Como instalar o Atom no Ubuntu Bionic

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Anderson Ismael Couto da Silva

human being is synonymous with being a failure, the moment we succeed as human beings we cease to be human beings