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Discussion on: How to avoid flow zone — a false sense of hyper-productivity

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Eduardo Cookie Lifter

For me I find that I can allow myself to take small breaks for the course of the day and I have noticed how being distracted for 20 mins or so has helped me become more proactive, some people don't but to someone like me I'd rather have knowledge that this project will not become a burden and will not rule my energy. Also the time that I find myself going "off-topic" it also allows me to think about my problem from another perspective it allows me to sit back and, while im doing what im doing (outside of that problem) if something like a new solution that I hadn't thought about, will eventually come and that will give me an edge on how to solve it, differently.

Have to agree with some people in the comments. Being in the "zone" or whatever is not something of a 1, 2, 3 step towards it, it's something natural, it's just your brain effectively thinking straight without distractions for a period of time. You think about 80,000 different things per day, and out of those things you don't spend more than 2 minutes thinking straight about it, so whatever it is that you consider "flow state" I think the human being doesn't actually spend more than 30 seconds sometimes, it's a very minimal timeframe but I am sure it feels like glory because it makes you feel good.

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