Flaws in my 2019 promise

edwinboon profile image Edwin Boon ・1 min read

First off a really happy 2020 and the best of luck to all of you!

In 2019 I made myself a promise to become a freelancer by the end of the year and I started building my very own portfolio app with React and I did that rather quick and I'm happy about it!

Next I figured out that I wanted to learn Next.js as my to go React framework and some other cool technologies but ...

At new years eve I spoke to a freelance developer who asked me all kind of stuff about JavaScript itself and to be honest I did not know the answers to his questions so he gave me the tip to learn and master JavaScript in 2020 for the simple reason that if you understand JavaScript and programming in general you can learn any framework in no time.

So I changed the promise I made a couple of weeks to myself and I started a JavaScript course today. I will keep you all posted on my progress and projects I build. This way I still hope I am able to be a freelancer at the end of this year!

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