I made a promise to myself

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Well here I am writing my very first post on the internet ever. I'm really excited to this because I have some news to share!

I'm a 31 y/o full stack developer for 5 years now and I decided that it is time to do more with my skills then only in my day to day job! I came to this conclusion after I joined the Hacktoberfest 2019.

So what does this mean? Well its simple at first I'm finally going to build my very own portfolio website so I can start using my .dev domain name, and from there I hope I can join some open source projects to level up my skills and be part of a greater community.

My final goal is to inspire other people with my code and starting as a freelance developer!

So here will end my very first post but this is not the first and last post I will write. I made myself a promise to write a post about my progress once a week and I want to achieve my goals by the end of next year!

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Edwin Boon


32 y/o Fullstack developer @mijndomein.


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Thank you for sharing the resolution in public and hope you achieve the goals.

Do you any specific goals or timelines of each by chance to share as well 😉


Thank you for the comment Sung. I'm kinda making the plan right now but I hope I can share my portfolio website before New Year.

That is as far my specific goals and timelines are right now ;-)