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My very own portfolio website

edwinboon profile image Edwin Boon ・1 min read

So last week I wrote a story about a promise I made to myself. Well I can tell you all that I already kept a part of it!

I'm very happy to announce that the first version of my very own website is online and can be founded here: https://www.edwinboon.dev.

For now its just one simple page that exist with a few React components but hey.. its a start! And because I did want to do a little bit extra I added my very own Dark theme to it and I couldn't be more happy.

In my next post I will write a little guide on how I build out that dark theme so I can share my approach with the internet!

See you next time!


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The site looks nice & fast 🏎⚡

I will look forward to how the dark theme was implemented :)


Thank you sir!

After the holidays I'll right that post. Thank you so much for your intrest