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Hey there Scott,

Firstly, this is an awesome question!

My current role is at a company that is remote. Although we don't have any engineers at the moment with the 'junior' title, I think a good learning environment is something that is important to developers of any level. With that in mind, I am always striving to help build better practices in promoting a learning environment. Here is some ideas that might help out:

Pair programming on Slack -

We often have pair programing sessions using Slack's video chat application. I really like their application because I can draw temporary lines on my partner's screen while digging into code.

Focus on clearer + concise written communication -

We don't always have the luxury in a remote environment to have a co-worker jump on a call. I'll also add that sometimes it "can" be distracting depending on what is going on at the time (heads down programming?). What I found to work is investing in practicing our written communication skills. There is a lot of tutorials and resources out there but some of them unfortunately aren't clear enough and often contain tech jargon that obfuscates more than clarifies. Another added benefit of written communication is that the reader has the opportunity to focus in a relaxed setting to digest information at their own pace.

I hope this helps someone :).

Best wishes to everyone!

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