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Discussion on: How to make a scroll indicator bar with JS, HTML and CSS easily and explained 🖱️

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Nice article. I have one suggestion. Do your DOM write inside a requestAnimationFrame callback.

I took this explanation from some code I wrote a while ago:

  This construct is here to make sure we think about the context when
  writing to the DOM.

  The general rule is:
  - do not read from the DOM inside of an animation frame
  - do not write to the DOM outside of an animation frame

  The reason for this is that reads from the DOM could cause a 
  trigger of expensive layout calculations. This is because the 
  browser will ensure that the values you read are actually correct.
  The expensive calculation will only be triggered if the related values 
  are actually changed since the last paint.

  So to ensure we never have this problem, we ensure the writes 
  (changing values) to be in the part of the frame that is executed
  right before the layout / paint. Reads should never be done 
  from inside of an animation frame; you never know what other
  animation frames have been requested and have performed 
  writes already.

  This shows the effect of calling `requestAnimationFrame` at different positions:
  | non animation frame | animation frame | layout / paint | non animation frame | animation frame |
  |         1->         |    ->1 2->      | -------------- |                     |       ->2       |

  Calling `requestAnimationFrame` from a non animation frame 
  causes the code to be executed in the same frame, but at the
  end of the frame, right before layout / paint.

  Calling `requestAnimationFrame` from an animation frame
  causes the code the be executed at the end of the next frame.
export const writeToDOM = {
  using({ currentlyInAnimationFrame }, f) {
    const context = currentlyInAnimationFrame ? 'fromAnimationFrame' : 'fromNonAnimationFrame'
  fromAnimationFrame(f) { f() },
  fromNonAnimationFrame(f) { window.requestAnimationFrame(f) }
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