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re: What do you build in your spare time? Iā€™m trying to find a side project to start, but not sure what.


I've stopped focussing solely on coding stuff since I discovered my true goal about 1,5 years ago:

Building products and/or services that provide value and gain me revenue so I can create products independently

*My current side-projects *
I've stopped a couple of side-projects (like since I think shipping is way more important than starting a whole bunch of things. Still a little list though, but I prioritize my side-projects and focus on the top 3 the most for now.

So while I have a Trello board full of app-related ideas, my current side-projects are (ordered by primary focus > less focus):

  • a website dedicated to bringing you mindshaping content that helps makers to build viable products & documenting my journey as I use the approach on this website for myself to build viable products
  • a video course to teach others the workflow and (free) tools that I use to implement content marketing. It saves them time and effort to use my workflow. (pivoting the idea in Dutch - my native language - to see if there is interest and do it the easiest way, but English is planned as well)
  • [topsecretname]: a mobile app that helps you to get your pictures organised and labeled fast
  • a mobile picture-taking game that let's you play with family, friends or colleagues

ps: inspired by your question, I wrote this post on Dev.To šŸ˜„

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