Do you have business cards?

Efrén Martínez on December 12, 2019

hello devs!!

I am currently developing my personal brand.

I'm working on business cards but I don't know what data to put. A suggestion?

I don't want to saturate information.

Thanks for reading me. :)

Greetings from Mexico :P

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May I suggest:

  #include <stdlib.h>   // card > aek.ppm
  #include <stdio.h>
  #include <math.h>
  typedef int i;typedef float f;struct v{
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  ,y+r.y,z+r.z);}v operator*(f r){return
  v(x*r,y*r,z*r);}f operator%(v r){return
  x*r.x+y*r.y+z*r.z;}v(){}v operator^(v r
  ){return v(y*r.z-z*r.y,z*r.x-x*r.z,x*r.
  y-y*r.x);}v(f a,f b,f c){x=a;y=b;z=c;}v
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  249748,18578,18577,231184,16,16};f R(){
  return(f)rand()/RAND_MAX;}i T(v o,v d,f
  &t,v&n){t=1e9;i m=0;f p=-o.z/d.z;if(.01
  <p)t=p,n=v(0,0,1),m=1;for(i k=19;k--;)
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  ){f s=-b-sqrt(q);if(s<t&&s>.01)t=s,n=!(
  p+d*t),m=2;}}return m;}v S(v o,v d){f t
  ;v n;i m=T(o,d,t,n);if(!m)return v(.7,
  .6,1)*pow(1-d.z,4);v h=o+d*t,l=!(v(9+R(
  ),9+R(),16)+h*-1),r=d+n*(n%d*-2);f b=l%
  n;if(b<0||T(h,l,t,n))b=0;f p=pow(l%r*(b
  *.2+.1);}return v(p,p,p)+S(h,r)*.5;}i
  main(){printf("P6 512 512 255 ");v g=!v
  )*.002,c=(a+b)*-256+g;for(i y=512;y--;)
  for(i x=512;x--;){v p(13,13,13);for(i r
  =64;r--;){v t=a*(R()-.5)*99+b*(R()-.5)*

I would say I've only used about 1% of the business cards that I've ever had.

In many settings where a business card is "typically" required, I've found that people are open to just sending a blank email (or maybe a few words of context) to the other person as a dual reminder to follow up later.

It might be worth it to buy some business cards to have on hand, but I wouldn't go overboard with quantity!


I still consider not making so many cards.

thanks for your answer.



Your name
A title/description
Email address / phone number / web site
A QR code, for 99% of people who will ask to scan it, then give the card back :)


I like the idea of ​​QR, I will apply it, thanks


I used to but found that not many people actually needed it.

The main things you should have on it are:

  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Current Job Role
  • Key Skills(Max 3)

The point in a business card is really just so someone can contact you if needed, but it can be useful if you have space to add in the last 2.


I was considering these points. I also don't want to fill in unnecessary data.


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