re: What Advice Would You Give Your 20-year-old Self? VIEW POST


"It's been almost a decade over here, I am doing good, I think.. I believe you're doing good too. Don't take those words too seriously (someone joked about your crush also having a crush on you), fall in love but don't fall too hard and you may end up very differently. You'll be doing a lot of programming soon, so get ready for it, don't be afraid to ask, to google, to search for answer. It is fine. Don't be attached to your future company, I meant it seriously. And no don't ever think of getting adobe Dreamweaver, get a phpstorm instead (not sure it even existed or not back then). Just keep doing whatever you've been doing, maybe we'll find something one day. I wish I could give you more tips, but I too am still learning. Final words, just follow whatever our heart desire. And I have no regret at all being you. Love you like never before. <3"

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