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I'm proud to be able to say that Aurelia has been leveraging the WebComponents HTMLTemplateElement, ShadowDOM, and Slot capabilities since the framework was conceived in late 2014. We've worked really hard to leverage standards and then augment them with the pieces needed to create more complex applications. We're not as well-known or as large as something like React, but we've still got tens of thousands of companies building with Aurelia who are very happy with our approach to adopting standards in this way. Just a couple of weeks ago, we introduced a plugin that enables our components to be exported as WC Custom Elements, with no additional work by Aurelia developers. We're carrying this work forward with our next major framework version, leaning even more on these and emerging standards and making them even easier for people to leverage.

Thank you Serhii for the honest and balanced look at Web Components. Speaking for my team, I can say that we're very happy to see that more real use cases are being discussed and that there's action around several of the most critical long-standing issues. If I or anyone from my team can be of service in helping to advance this work, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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