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re: Which programming language/environment is more “powerful” than people realize? VIEW POST

re: The fact that you need to use PHP like Java in order to write maintainable code says it all. All these devs saying that it's not that bad when you ...

I think PHP is a pretty solid language. There are some frustrating inconsistencies, but PHP 7 has come a long way. We, as a community, are getting things we desperately need and want like stronger typing, better performance, and hopefully (soon) generics!

I get what you’re saying, but I also feel like dismissing PHP too readily is akin to throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I can’t disagree with your position that, if a developer is most productive in a language, then he or she would be able to work around its shortcomings in a way someone else might be unwilling.

For me, it’s very much a matter of time and productivity. I consider myself a polyglot developer (with varying levels of skills in different languages) but for me, it would be inefficient to gain an expertise in Python or Ruby and still deliver to my company what they need to make money and reduce risk. PHP is very much, for us, a business decision. There are better languages suited to what we need to do, but we simply couldn’t produce what we can today by switching.

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