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Ekim Kael

Personally today I manage my social networks better. I came across a Garry Turk: shutdown video a few years ago and it changed me. And then when you're not known it helps too.

Sure if you get up and it's pc, Twitter you won't really be able to start your day very late with the risk of being pumped to the point of not even knowing what to do.

To remedy the problem, today I check social networks in the evening because I'm usually exhausted and I forbade myself to work at those hours so I can easily watch this cute chat on YouTube or stroll on Twitter.

There is a podcast of Autodisciple(a French youtubeur) who helped me in this sense too. Every night before going to bed I write on a post-it what needs to be done before going on the PC(outside the pc) or what needs to be done when I open the PC(inside the PC).

Here are some tricks I use.

At the same time I have this productivity app that I want to set up, to help people when they set themselves a goal so that they can hold on to the end by trying to motivate them when they stand still. Nothing's coded yet. Everything's still on paper. For those interested you can DM me