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re: When a person marks a story as truth or lie its properties change according to the person’s reputation, and geographical distance between him and t...

i'm not sure i understand what do you mean by "annotated", as i said, every one can review a piece of news, however, the impact of each person on that piece of news won't be the same, and the purpose of that, is to reduce biases and the possibility of taking down a post just because people from another part of the world marked it as a lie.
well, i'm still trying to find the best way to do that.

I'm planning to save all the locations inside that database as a graph, so that the user can subscribe to locations as big as a country or as small as a city, do you think this can be done with Datomic ?!


What I wanted to say is basically that from people's perspective, there is no 'one truth'. By that, I mean that people's beliefs are in the general case always conflicting.

As soon as you design a system that is judging a story's credibility, you are dividing your audience between people who agree your system and people who don't.

Each person has his own weighted trust network, you can't go against that as trust is not something you can force onto people.

I was suggesting to keep the original story and attach additional information to it, and let people decide by themselves (knowing the full data) what credibility they give to a story marked by some as a lie and by others as a truth.

In other words, I was suggesting to keep your app's data immutable and append only - which is what Datomic (among other things) does.

i think you've got a point, i will take that into consideration, thank you very much ^

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