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Discussion on: The frustrations of having to learn on the fly

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Stefanos Kouroupis

I only get frustrated when I am getting stuck on things I am supposedly good at. When I am trying to learn something new I am trying to be more patient. But sometimes it's easy to give in to frustration.

Last time I had a similar experience was while trying to learn Rust. I like the whole idea about Rust, but one thing which took ages to get used to and when I realized the equivalent to other languages I felt stupid for 'not getting it' was mainly around some weird and hip (for my age) terminology that Rust tends to use.

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DeChamp Author

I find that with some of the developers who specialize in a single language, they know the ins and outs, so they show me very complex solutions. I'm grateful that I learn pretty quickly but I still have to stop them and tell them to go over it again until I'm sure I have it.