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Running SSL on localhost

I'm so interested to learn more about this.

Who received Hacktoberfest swag emails?

I was asked to enter a redeem code, where do I find mine?

Generating documentation on the fly in express

Awesome, thanks for this Akshendra

Announcing DEV for Android

Replying from the android app and it's awesome

Overthinking, evolutionary psychology, and programming

Thank you very much for posting this, my mind is always occ...

How To Build a Node.js Application with Docker

Thank you very much for this article

How do you name your git branches?

Where I work we name our branches like so. For any new feat...

When PHP Framework Sucks Series: Framework topic on a job interview

So true

We reduced our vendor.js from 210kb to 16kb in about five minutes of work and ten lines of code

Good job

Explain Serverless Like I'm Five

Best explanation

Set up My Computer with Me!

Use this too a clipboard history manager

Explain Regex Like I'm Five

Thank you very much.

Explain Regex Like I'm Five

Its all clear to me now, so id there some kind of glossary ...

Explain Regex Like I'm Five

Thanks for the info

First web page online

Looks nice for its v1

Welcome Thread - v6

Hello, I'm Sam but my friends call me electrode,I write PHP...

Which is best java, c#, python or any other language and why?

i don't think the word "best" is the right to use,each lang...