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Obviously the ideal end-goal is to master hotkeys, which really isn't that hard with a bit of patience. The speed difference of smashing down a hotkey combo while your hands are already on the keyboard compared to moving your hand over to grab the mouse, move it accurately to the correct area of pixels on the screen and then to the next pixels for each follow-on click is massive.

For everything else, I avoid using the laptop inputs completely. A regular keyboard and mouse is far more comfortable and ergonomic for anything but the shortest of simple tasks. Another reason is that I'd rather get dirt or spillages on a keyboard/mouse than my laptop, especially given how close the screen gets to those dirty keys when you close it.

As for on the move, if there isn't space on the train's table, I'll have the mouse on my lap or seat next to me. Not a fan of using a trackpad on a bumpy ride.

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