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Discussion on: 25 Days of CSS Animations: Teaching Myself CSS through Motion Design.

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Elisabeth Diang 🌻 Author

That's a good question. Most of what I learned about animation was from reading MDN's Keyframes post and W3Schools' articles on keyframes and the animation article.

Before viewing these I used W3Schools and MDN to learn how to shape elements and position them in different ways since each shape is an HTML element! CodePen was also phenomenal for seeing it put into practice.

I did however just come across an illustration and animation by Agathe Cocco after my challenge. It's a great read and a great place to get started!

Best of luck! I hope this helped answer your questions.

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Hunter Becton

Thanks for taking the time to put an answer together, and congrats on this blowing up! I've seen it everywhere. 😊