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re: Devs don't want to be owned VIEW POST


You made the right call. You should have halted the interview, since you already knew that it was not going to work out.

Even if they allowed you to keep you side projects, you had already learned it was a bust.

But... it would have been nice to respond with "Well, I can certainly take down those apps. But we'll have to up my salary by $###,### to compensate." Just to see the reaction.


Haha, that would be interesting. I think it would have required an upfront payment to the tune of about $50K, which is the amount of money I would need to have invested to in order to get the same passive revenue my apps make (between $1500 to $2000 a year).

Even so, it's not a business that competes with them in any way, and if you research the product, it's a very self-contained thing that takes up a very small portion of my spare time. Where I am now, I just let the apps sell and ride the gravy train

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