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When I was 10, I learned how to code in BASIC. Then I learned how to code in 6502 assembly. Then C, Pascal, FORTRAN, and LISP. Then 68000 assembly. Then C++, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, and more C++ (modern C++).

With many other languages too, for fun and for reals. Like REXX, Perl, Python, F#, Swift, Objective-C, Lua, D, various shell scripts, Forte, PowerBuilder, Squeak, Lego Mindstorms.

My advice, for what it is worth: don't stop learning. Whether its just to have some fun, or to go deep in a language.

I like learning a wide variety of languages. But that's atypical. Many people focus on learning one language and platform really, really well. And that's awesome, too.

There is more to learn than one person could possibly learn in a lifetime. Embrace it, relish it, and enjoy!

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