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And yet they still being rather evil when it comes to Windows, Office, and browsers.
Sure they removed the nag screens which showed up when you tried to install Chrome or Firefox. But Windows 10 is still being turned into a subscription service more and more. Application defaults are often reset during major patches/OS upgrades.
Office deliberately makes damaged ODF files. It doesn't even follow their own OOXML standard.

But also in most examples you give, there is no embracing going on. It is "kind of" giving away their technology to convert people to a MS stack. A lot of Microsoft's involvement in FLOSS is their own projects, and to much less degree contributing to community efforts.

Just like Google. Just because Google releases a lot of FLOSS and contributes to a lot of projects doesn't suddenly undo their evil activities at other places.

Big tech companies are to be feared.


All good points.

I kind of had that in mind when I mentioned WSL vs msys et al. They could have embraced an existing project, but they created their own instead. I know virtually nothing about any of these projects and their implementations may differ wildly (along with their pros/cons), but there's plenty of other examples.

I've mostly come to accept that most company's involvement is more selfish than altruistic.

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