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Development Environment Config. Work faster than ever with my dotfiles

Dev Environment Config

When somebody begins a sentence with “IT WOULD BE NICE IF..” the right thing to do is to wait politely for the speaker to finish. No project ever gets around to the it-would-be-nice features: or if they do, they regret it. Wait for sentences that begin “WE HAVE TO..” and pay close attention, and see if you agree. - Tom Van Vleck

Are you a programmer? Do you wanna spend more time thinking and solving problems rather than writing biolerplate code again and again? Are you sick of bad navigation? Well this is the solution for you!

Dev environment tools

  • zsh shell + plugins
  • terminator tiling manager
  • vim editor + plugins
  • ranger file manager



Vim plugins included

Zsh plugins included

Recommended keyboard shortcuts for

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