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A smithy for rusty wayland compositors

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A smithy for rusty wayland compositors


Smithay aims to provide building blocks to create wayland compositors in Rust. While not being a full-blown compositor, it'll provide objects and interfaces implementing common functionalities that pretty much any compositor will need, in a generic fashion.


  • Documented: Smithay strives to maintain a clear and detailed documentation of its API and its functionalities. Compiled documentations are available on for released versions, and here for the master branch.
  • Safety: Smithay will target to be safe to use, because Rust.
  • Modularity: Smithay is not a framework, and will not be constraining. If there is a part you don't want to use, you should not be forced to use it.
  • High-level: You should be able to not have to worry about gory low-level stuff (but Smithay won't stop you if you really want to dive into it).


Like others, Smithay as a…

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