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A library that provides a pool of dockerized Selenium instances.

🏊 Selenium Pool

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This small library helps to create a pool of Selenium Docker Container with a configurable size.

🩲 Prerequisites

Make sure to have the following installed:

  • Docker

💿 Installation

For Maven, add this dependency:


For Gradle use:


🛠️ Configuration

This library is configurable via Spring-Boot properties. Auto-Completion when working with IntelliJ included. This is an example configuration showing the default values:

# default values
selenium.pool.recording-directory= # if empty, no recording will happen
selenium.pool.profiles-directory= # if empty, a temporary directory will be created and deleted on exit
selenium.pool.extension-files-in-classpath= # if empty, no extension files will be loaded

🥽 Utilities

To connect to the running Selenium container, you have to have vncviewer & tigervnc-common installed. If correctly configured, simply…

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