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React components to fetch data from firestore using render props

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react-firestore 🔥🏪

React components to fetch collections and documents from Firestore

The problem

You want to use the new Firestore database from Google, but don't want to have to use redux or any other state management tool. You would like to not have to worry too much about the exact API for firestore (snapshots, references, etc) and just be able to retrieve collections and documents and read their data.

You also want to do all this using render props, because they're awesome.

The solution

This is a set of components that allows you to interact with Firestore collections and documents, without needing to constantly call additional methods (like .data()) to display your data.

There is still an escape hatch where the snapshot from Firestore is provided to your render function, in the event that you need more control over your interactions with Firestore.


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