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Stay updated in the time of the coronavirus pandemic


A project for communication aid during the COVID-19 outbreak. Note that this project is made for the Twilio DEV community Hackathon. The following is the track being followed in this project:

COVID-19 Communications

Head over to the official user interface repository for CovidComm to look at it's features, demo, and installation. Head over to DEV to see the submission blog for this project.

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Getting started

  • Create a file called .env with the following content. You can configure it according to your own desired settings.
# JSON Web Token
# Morgan logging level

# The full API URL being used for fetching news

# Calling CRONJOB time
CRON_DEFAULT_TIME="* * * 1 * *"

# Calling CRONJOB time for testing
CRON_TESTING_TIME="10 * * * * *"

# SALT for hashing, should be an

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