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CovidComm Desktop Application

This is a desktop application for the covidcomm project.



  • World COVID-19 status per country
    • Total and Daily Cases
    • Total Deaths and Daily Deaths
    • Total Infected and Daily Infected
    • Total Cured and Daily Cured
    • Filter by Everything
  • Trending news related to coronavirus
    • Fetched from multiple media platforms
    • Bite sized news TLDR;
  • Resource redistrubution system
    • Request for resources
    • Respond to other people's requests
    • Contact respondees
  • CovidBot
    • An opt-in information service
    • Calls you up daily and reads you bite sized news
    • Save time and effort trying to procure news


I have recorded a practical demo for the usage of the application. Click here to view it on youtube.


Head over to the releases page to get the application for Windows, MAC OS and Linux.


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