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Better TypeScript playground

⚠️ Please use the offical TypeScript playground, now it has all the same features and even more. Use for issues and questions.

TypeScript playground

A better TypeScript playground.


Differences from

  • All strict options turned on by default
  • More available compiler options
  • Ability to switch TypeScript version
  • More space for code
  • More examples
  • Quicker sharing, URL updates as you type
  • Shorter sharing URLs

Getting started

npm install
npm run setup
npm start

Updating TypeScript

Playground relies on UNPKG to fetch monaco-editor (contains typescript through monaco-typescript package).

In case if monaco-editor is not updated to the latest TypeScript, the latest version can be built with npm run get-typescript latest and served locally If you run into errors, the latest monaco version may be incompatible with the latest typescript version in which case you'll need to update monaco-typescript upstream, or apply a patch locally (see the …

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