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Learn Storybook

Learn Storybook teaches you how to use Storybook and Component-Driven Development to build UIs from scratch. We walk through core concepts from building and testing to deployment. Using engaging guides and content, we hope to get you up to speed on Storybook best practices in a fast and approachable way.


Contributions to Learn Storybook are encouraged! If it’s something small like grammar, punctuation or even a code snippet, first check the open pull requests to see if it's already being addressed, if it's not, then open up a pull request. If it’s a bigger change like adding a new guide or chapter, add an issue for discussion before getting started.

You'll find the guides and chapters in the /content directory. Content is organized at the guide level. Within the /content directory, you'll find directories for the current guides that are offered. Within each guide directory, you can…

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