Migration to Latest Dev Tools #11

  • Migrates to 'kotlin' from 'java'
  • Upgrades gradle & gradle wrapper
  • Updates the compile & target SDK to fix warnings
  • Moves from 'appcompat' to 'androidx' library usage
  • Moves hard coded strings to 'Strings.xml'
  • Removes unused resources
  • Fixes Lint warnings
  • Fixes typos

This commit migrates the code base to the latest android development tools before adding new features. This will enable building new features quickly and attact more developers to work on.

The migration is done as follows,

  1. Making use of Android Studio's tools: 'Convert Java to Kotlin' & 'Migrate to AndroidX'
  2. Analyze the project using lint and apply auto-suggesions wherever possible
  3. When auto-suggestion isn't available, apply sensible changes manually

Preview: Gets deleted after 30 days from Oct 15