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Life is too short for Bash programming

A starter project to build command-line tools in Kotlin Multiplatform

Contains a re-implementation of a real world CLI tool: git-standup



You can install using one of the options listed below

Source Command
Node npm install -g kotlin-cli-starter
Installer curl -L | sudo sh
Tests ./gradlew allTests
Kotlin All Platforms Run ./gradlew allRun
Kotlin JVM Run ./gradlew run
Kotlin Native Run ./gradlew install then $ git standup
Kotlin Node.JS Run ./gradlew jsNodeRun


Being able to write your own command-line tools is a great skill to have. Automate all the things!

You can write the CLI tools in Kotlin and reap the benefits of using

  • a modern programming language
  • modern IDE support
  • modern practices such as unit testing and continuous integration
  • leverage Kotlin multiplatform libraries
  • run your code on the JVM and benefit from a wealth of Java libraries
  • or build a native executable, which starts very fast and…

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