hotfix: Addresses Lint Warnings #20

  • Cleans up unused import statements
  • Applies appropriate scope qualifiers (i.e., private) for variables & functions
  • Moves hard-coded strings to String.xml & consts as required
  • Cleans up Regular expressions by removing unnecessary character escapes


  1. Almost all of the fixes were applied automatically through Android Studio's Auto-Suggestions which made sense & appropriate. None of the changes should affect the functionality of the app. No files were removed, although there were unused files & references.
  2. Reports character escapes that are replaceable with the unescaped character without a change in meaning. Note that inside the square brackets of a character class, many escapes are unnecessary that would be necessary outside of a character class. For example the regex [.] is identical to [.]
  3. None of the changes should affect any functionality. But in case of any doubt, any change can be removed, analyzed & applied on another iteration.

Reference: #16