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Discussion on: Bitwise Operations on your Fingers 🙌👩🏻‍💻

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Emily Cain (@data_bae) Author

Maybe! I see what you mean about memory manipulation but there are whole realms of programming people can do without ever worrying about memory. It's kind of like how most people who can drive don't have to worry about how their car is built--which allows the car, or the higher-level languages and frameworks, to become more and more advanced, efficient, and accessible.

I'm trying to learn low-level concepts now, partly for fun and partly because I'm about to start working in Security and it becomes important in e.g. network packet analysis and stopping memory-related vulnerabilities. But I know plenty of people who make whole programming careers without handling memory directly, in large part because they become experts in some other concept that abstracting away memory allows them to focus on.

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